martes, junio 16, 2009

See you the next year

Hello friends!
I say goodbye to my blog, to my Primary school, to my friend Oscar and Daniel and to my teacher Aurora.

Good luck and happy summer.

martes, junio 09, 2009

My favourite video game

Hi. My favourite video game is pokemon.On saturday later i going to pokemon championsit i be semifinalist.My favourite pokemons are...
The pokemon clasificade in: normaly,plant,water,electric,flying,venom,psiquic,fighting,rock,bug groung,fire,ice,sinert,dragon,steel

martes, junio 02, 2009

The zodiacs signs

The zodiacs sign are twelve. I'm leo and my friends are :Virgo and Aries.
The zodiacs signs are: Aries,Tauro,Geminis,Cancer,Leo,Virgo,Libra,Escorpio,Sagitario,Capricornio,Acuario,Piscis.