martes, febrero 10, 2009

Pepe's daily routines

Pepe gets up at 7:45. Later he has breakfast.
Pepe in the evening cooks the dinner, Pepe tidies the bedroom, and after that, he makes his bed.
In the afternon he waters the plants. After lunch , washes the dishes and does the washing up.
At5:00, Pepe goes to work. The weekend he plays with his son. On sunday he cleans the windows, and empties the bin. Pepe´s son has a dog.
His son walks and feeds the dog. Pepe´s wife puts the clothes in washing machine and puts the dishes in the dishwasher.
Pepe, everyday reads the newpaper, mum reads the magazine, the son reads comics and when he has a project, he surfs the internet.
At the end, The son has tea and does his homework.
Everybody is very clean in this family and they clean their teeth, wash their faces. The parents have a bath and the son has a shower everyday.

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