miércoles, mayo 06, 2009

The irregulars verbs

Infinitive Simple past Past participle Meaning

To be : was/were been ser/estar

To go: went gone ir

To come: came come venir

To have: had had tener

To say : said said decir

To tell: told told contar

To give: gave given dar

To do: did done hacer

To buy: bought bought comprar

To make : made made construir

To send: sent sent enviar

To see: saw seen ver

To eat : ate eaten comer

To drink : drank drunk beber

To wear: wore worn llevar puesto

To read: read read leer

To put: put put poner

To write: wrote writen escribir

To get: got got alcanzar

To grow: grew grown crecer

To break : broke broken romper

To speak: spoken spoken hablar

To run: ran ran correr

To win: won won ganar

To build: built built construir

To sit: sat sat sentarse

To find: found found encontrar

To ride: roud rode montar

To take: took taken

To bring: brought brought traer

Can : could poder/saber/ser capaz

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